Shipping & handling

Latik Srl shall deliver the products purchased by delivery to one of the express delivery indicated on the site chosen by the customer according to the schedule indicated in the order confirmation.

The products ordered will be delivered to the address specified by the customer at registration, unless the order is a different delivery address specified.
Latik Srl is not liable in relation to delivery of individual carriers indicated.
Delivery will be made on working days (Monday to Friday) excluding holidays and holiday eves.
The goods will be shipped in a package prepared directly from Latik Srl.
Upon receipt of the order the customer is required to verify that the number of packages delivered corresponds to the code on D.D.T., and that the packaging is intact.
If delivery of fewer packages than those indicated in the DDT, or where such data is wet or damaged, the customer must file claim with the delivery note contesting such circumstances in writing on the same bubble, and giving notice to Latik Ltd. via the "Contacts" present at the following address.
In case there is no correspondence between the order and delivery, the customer will not accept the goods, should complain directly to the carrier and report the incident via the "Contacts" present at the following address http: // www / contacts /.
If despite everything, the courier refused to sign with reserve, the Customer must REJECT THE GOODS.
This procedure is the only solution that allows Latik Srl immediate management practices complaint with the carrier, and that enables you to quickly deliver the goods eventually received in a non-integrated.
Please note that if Customer, without following the procedures described above, subscribes to accept the packing slip, will not oppose any dispute about the later appearance of what was delivered to him in relation to the order made.

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